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Patent-pending Smart Robot is Pocket-sized and ready for travel. Meet your new best travel buddy!

This is due to the exposure to more bacteria and germs than normal in your daily life.

We don’t want you to suffer – we want you do enjoy your travels!

That is why CleanseBot can sanitize and disinfect all hotel surfaces AND UV-C light helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses.

In fact, the CleanseBot was tested by an independent third party showing how it killed 99.99% of E.coli!

The areas with the most germs and bacteria include light switches and television remotes in addition to the bedspread. In one study out of the University of Houston, researchers tested 19 surfaces in hotel rooms for bacteria and found that main room light switches had an average of 112.7 colony-forming units of bacteria per cubic centimeter.

MSNBC reports in a study of hospital cleanliness that a top limit of only FIVE colony-forming bacteria per cubic centimeter is recommended for maximum cleanliness.

Even discounting the need for hospital-like cleanliness – these numbers are staggering.
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