The Largest Russian Empire and Their Technology


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The Largest Russian Empire and Their Technology

Science and technology in Russia developed rapidly since the Age of Enlightenment, when Peter the Great founded the Russian Academy of Sciences and Saint Petersburg State University and polymath Mikhail Lomonosov founded the Moscow State University, establishing a strong native tradition in learning and innovation.
In the 19th and 20th centuries the country produced a large number of notable scientists, making important contributions into physics, astronomy, mathematics, computing, chemistry, biology, geology and geography. Russian inventors and engineers excelled in such areas as electrical engineering, shipbuilding, aerospace, weaponry, communications, IT, nuclear technology and space technology.
Recently, the crisis of the 1990s led to the drastic reduction of the state support for science and technology. Many Russian scientists and university graduates went to Europe or United States in the so-called brain drain migration. In the 2000s, on the wave of a new economic boom, the situation has improved, and the government launched a campaign aimed into modernization and innovation. Current priorities for the country’s technological development include energy efficiency, IT (including both common products and the products combined with space technology), nuclear energy and pharmaceuticals.
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