The 78th World Science Fiction Convention will be in Wellington, New Zealand

July 29-August 2, 2020: even the (no-foolin’ awesome) Prime Minister is getting in on the act!

The stories behind the names on the Haunted Mansion’s tombstones

The tombstones at the Haunted Mansions in Disney’s themeparks are a kind of credit reel that pay tribute to the Imagineers who made the Mansion possible; in this short Disney video, you get some potted biographies of the honorees, from Claude Coats to Marc Davis to Harriet Burns to the incredible and weird Rolly Crump.


Halloween ornaments painted on salvaged lightbulbs

David Irvine (AKA gnarledbranch) sent us a selection of photos of his delightful Halloween ornaments painted on salvaged lightbulbs.


A database of instructions for making different paper airplanes

Fold N Fly is a visual database of paper airplane designs, sortable by aerodynamic properties (distance, airtime, etc), and difficulty of folding. Some pretty exotic designs, too! (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


6 new ways to escape inward and find your zen

Next time you treat yourself, try holding the guilt hangover. There are plenty of ways to add to your inventory without adding to your clutter. In fact, some of these gift ideas might clear it away. Nobody’s path to zen is the same. Check out this roundup of ways to escape and find your own. […]


This lantern is equally at home on your desk or on the trail

If you’re shopping for a camping lantern, you’re looking for reliability, period. So it’s nice to find something like the Revogi Convertible LED Lantern that jumps over that low bar and actually offers some versatility. Made of simple materials, the Revogi is high-tech in a refreshingly minimalist, eight-ounce package. Yes, it’ll light up the campsite […]


Get your own personal Microsoft Office tutor in a box

No matter what your business, Microsoft’s slate of Office software is as essential as desks and chairs – so much so that most workers are expected to know their way around it before they even get in the door. Whether you need an introduction, a brush-up or a level-up to your knowledge of these tools, […]



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