Pakistan Army complete training 2018


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Pakistan Army complete training 2018.

Variety of Sports. Regular participation in sports contributes immensely towards cadets’ physical fitness while variety within its vast range adds to its recreational value. It inculcates in them sportsman spirit. Facilities for nearly all popular major sports exist i.e. volleyball, football, basketball, rugby, handball, tennis, hockey, squash, cricket, martial arts, fencing and swimming.
· Adventure Training. An optional activity which is usually conducted during breaks. Nearly all cadets participate in one or the other form of adventure training, whichever suits their aptitude and interest. This activity not only makes them bodily fit but also emboldens their spirits and provides plenty of fun and entertainment. Regular clubs for such activities exist and are equipped with the required modern apparatus. Adventure training regularly conducted includes para jumping, gliding, sailing, angling, scuba-diving and surfing.

Over the years, the campus has been vastly expanded and developed in terms of its architectural beauty, landscaping and the development of training and recreational facilities. Presently, PMA is very proud to claim that it has developed conceivably the finest infra-structure and facilities available at any training institution.
Academic Block. Our major training activity is conducted in the academic block which comprises about 100 halls of study, each one of which is treated for acoustic effect and equipped with necessary audio-visual aids. The block consists of several independent classroom units housed in two-tiered buildings with elegantly arched side- corridors, vast middle passage and a lobby. They are all, indeed, a model of institutional grandeur and functional convenience.

Central Library. Academy’s Central Library is housed in an impressive large building and sited very accessibly. It has a massive collection of books on nearly all imaginable subjects, arranged in cabinets, well sectioned and catalogued. Vast reading-room with scores of quality journals, a well stocked reference section and the library’s layout in appropriate cabins and corners coupled with efficient management makes it a conducive place for concentrated study or research-work.

Computer and Language Laboratories. PMA is very much aware of its alumni’s future needs, for it is indeed 21st century leadership that we are preparing. Thus three large sophisticated Computer Laboratories with related gadgetry have been established. Computer Science is offered as a major subject in BSc, most of the others get basic familiarization with computers, while computer lovers join the Computer Club and satiate their innovative urge with liberal gadget manipulation. Four latest computer-controlled Language Laboratories exist for extensive listening and choral exercises so as to improve cadets’ expression of English. Variety of short BBC courses and other audio-visual programmes greatly complement the English learning process.

Academy Educational Television Channel. The PMA has set up its own broadcast channel which telecasts educative and entertaining quality programmes for the cadets, the staff and their families. Listening to international news in the evening is compulsory for the cadets so that they are current on world affairs.
Cadet Clubs

Host of clubs have been established to provide varied recreation and useful pastimes. Every cadet finds a club to his individual taste and interest. It is mandatory for them to be the members of one or the other club. The range of these clubs is vast and varied. Following clubs exist:-

A sprawling well maintained polo ground is developed where best fed and trained ponies are available. Officers and cadets frequently play polo and practice other equestrian skills. Some of the prestigious high level polo tournaments are held here; the most coveted of these being the PMA Commandant’s Challenge Cup.
A fabulous gymnasium with massive health and exercise equipment is installed. A mere visit to the gymnasium induces the cadets to learn gymnastic skills and enjoy manipulation of health apparatus.
Swimming Pool
A large international standard swimming pool has been constructed where proper coaching of diverse swimming and diving techniques is extended. It is the most popular site with cadets during summers.
Cadets’ Residential Complexes
Twelve large multi-storied residential blocks have been constructed to accommodate a company of cadets each. These buildings have been equipped with the best of fixtures and amenities to provide their inmates comfortable living environment. They do deserve this care and comfort after a busy day’s hard work.

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