Nepalese students try latest gadgets at technology fair


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(27 Jan 2009)
AP Television
Kathmandu, Nepal, 20th January 2009
1. Various of Ashok Lamichhane loading DVD of a movie on his laptop computer
2. Close of Ashok wearing headphones
3. Wide of Ashok taking off headphones to answer call on his mobile phone
4. Zoom out from computer screen to Ashok watching movie
5. SOUNDBITE: (English/Nepali ) Ashok Lamichhane, Student:
“I guess I will get a play station.” ( Nepali ) “I would like a play station and …and an i-Phone. This is what I think.”
AP Television
Kathmandu, Nepal, 19th January 2009
6. Wide of crowd at Info Tech fair organised by Computer Association of Nepal
7. Various of Ashok and his friend and fellow-student Dinesh Prajapati checking out computer accessories on display
8. Back shot of Ashok and Dinesh looking at products on display
9. Tilt up from laptop on display to Ashok and Dinesh
10. Tilt up from wheel of gaming console to monitor screen
11. Boy operating the gaming console; other children watching
12. Close of laptop screen displaying a website
13. Various of people crowding around a stall
14. Poster about new mobile phone model stuck on a glass wall; tilt down to other products on display
15. SOUNDBITE: ( Nepali ) Dipesh Bhattarai, Information Technology Student:
“As a developing country , Nepal is showing progression towards technology. Compared to the global scenario, our economic conditions do not allow us to compete with other countries. But despite this, we are gradually moving ahead.”
AP Television
Kathmandu, Nepal, 20th January 2009
16. Low angle pan of computer shopping mall
17. Various of customers in a computer shop looking at laptops
18. People going into ATM enclosure; tilt down to door sign
19. Tilt up of various models of mobile phones on display on a glass counter
20. Wide of Technology lab inside college; students using computers
21. Close of hands on key board
22. Close of girl
23. Various of students working on computers
24. SOUNDBITE: ( Nepali ) Bijendra Shukla, Coordinator, Kathmandu Institute of Science and Technology:
“We face problems while bringing in hardware which we import and use. But once it stops functioning, we cannot afford to maintain it. In developed countries with advanced an information technology sector, they produce and use the hardware – but we are not manufacturing it ourselves. So we are compelled to replace the hardware since we cannot maintain it. The cost for doing this is very high and we often do not get the resources in time. So we have to depend on other countries.”
24. Pan of students in an information technology class
25. Close of notebooks; student taking notes
26. Mid of instructor
27. Wide of class
28. Close of student Dinesh Prajapati in class
29. Mid of students
30. Students walking out of the class
31. Wide students hanging out ; Dinesh handing over his i-pod to another student
32. Mid of students listening to i-pod
33. Close of i-pod
34. Various of Dinesh surfing the internet on his laptop
35. SOUNDBITE: ( Nepali ) Dinesh Prajapati , IT Student:
“I must say I am very attached to my computer – there is very little I can do without it.”
36. Wide of software programming class in progress
37. Tilt up from notebooks to students
38. Mid of students working on computers
Nepal is fast catching up with the latest trends and ideas in computer and information technology.
The last decade has seen the former Himalayan kingdom embrace technology in both governance and communications.
Nepalese youngsters are at the forefront of this hi-tech revolution – being as tech-savvy as their counterparts elsewhere in the world.
Like most urban Nepalese teenagers 18 year old Ashok is a technology freak
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