Moon Machines EP3: Navigation Computer


An amazing documentary on the Apollo navigation system and on-board computer.

I apologize for the disabled comments. Combination of ignorance: Those who don’t understand electro-mechanical robotics and integration with digital calculation. Also those who disregard traditional engineering solutions and targeted computing hardware aka “My Windows 98 PC was slow so we couldn’t of gone to the moon”. Add in a bit of conspiracy lunatics (well beyond just general curiosity) and it became a complete circus of false claims and bullshit.

Half a million people worked on these machines in a very short period of time. It’s absolutely stunning what took place. Computing for a specific purpose is easier than ‘general computing’ as we know it today. A calculator fit in your pocket in the 1970s it didn’t mean you had a smartphone it’s extremely different.

Ugh, whatever, just make sure you turn on your smartphone’s GPS system when you comment. And use the internet to explain how the Apollo craft couldn’t possibly have a tiny extremely weak calculator on it. You’re clearly an expert who knows more than the engineers that sent humans to the moon.

What. The. Fuck.

– eumoria
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