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Mumbai, India – January 4, 2015
1. Wide of Afroz Shaikh, an engineering graduate riding what he claims is the world’s smallest motorcycle, made by him
2. Mid of Shaikh posing with his motorcycle
3. Low angle shot of Shaik on the motorcycle
4. Various of other students trying out the motorcycle
5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Krishna Bothra (19), student:
“It was awesome, that’s what I felt. It was a little difficult to balance but I liked it, I enjoyed it.”
6. Various of the motorcycle on a table
7. SOUNDBITE: (Hindi) Afroz Shaikh, engineer:
“Since childhood, I was passionate about building bikes. Before this also I’ve assembled many bikes, bikes that can go through water, solar bikes, petrol-powered bicycle. I was searching the internet for the world’s smallest motorcycle and it measured 13 inches. I felt that I should break this record, so I made a bike smaller than that.”
AP Television
Mumbai, India – January 3, 2015
8. Wide of entrance to the TechFest
9. Wide of students and visitors to the TechFest
10. Low angle shot of one the exhibits, the BeachBot and its inventor in the background
11. Various of the Beach Bot which is used for making beach drawings
12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lorenz Wellhausen, BeachBot inventor and student from Zurich:
“Its main application is for drawing on beaches but we also have a module that can spray paint on asphalt for example. But it’s designed to be a beach-drawing robot.”
13. Mid of students at the TechFest
14. Various of students explaining their game which allows astronauts to play with their families back home
15. SOUNDBITE: (English) Arman Sheth, Student, Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai:
“We were actually doing a lot of research on the problems faced by astronauts and we found that they feel very lonely and so we thought ‘let’s make tic-tac-toe’ because we thought ‘if our dad would go, what would we miss?’ So we would miss playing games with him, we would miss you know playing tic-tac-toe with him and so we decided to make a game that can allow the astronaut in space to play tic-tac-toe with his family and friends on earth.”
16. Mid of a “InMoov” – a 3D printed life-size robot introducing itself
17. Mid of a low-cost robotic prosthetic hand by a French company, “BionicoHand”
18. Various of the “InMoov” robot
19. Close of the prosthetic hand shaking the hands of a visitor
20. Low angle shot of Nicolas Huchet, Bionicohand project leader, explaining it to the visitors
21. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nicolas Huchet, Bionicohand project leader:
“It’s a project about choosing technology and open-source to create low-cost and low-technology prosthetic devices for people with disability. It’s based on a project called “InMoov” just beside me in which the creator designed 3D printable robots.”
22. Wide of “Robowar” – a competition where robots fight each other in an arena
23. Wide pan right of spectators watching “Robowar”
24. Various of “Robowar”
25. Wide of winners being announced
26. Wide of students playing “Bumper zorbing”
27. Wide of a dragon shaped balloon display at the entrance to the TechFest
28. Various of an installation of Steve Job’s face made with circuit boards with the caption (ENGLISH) “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do – Steve Jobs”
Indian students have unveiled a series of scientific innovations in Mumbai, from the world’s smallest motorcycle to an interactive game for astronauts.
They’re just some of the ideas displayed at TechFest – an annual showcase for innovations from the Indian Institute of Technology.
TechFest was held in Mumbai from 2 – 4th of January, 2015.

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