Incredible Technology Table


Incredible technology table is an understatement when describing this table. A video is worth a million words, and a thousand pictures, so check out this high tech dinner table or board room table right here. I’ve done some preliminary research and have found this website that sells this exact table:

High-Tech Dining Table Rotates, Expands & Doubles in Size

It appears they don’t have a price that I can see (easily). I’ve read a few forums and comments that these are $30k to $50k tables. I really don’t have any way of knowing easily. I would have thought that whoever would build such a high end table would have the marketing knowledge to make sure everyone could find their website. When I have a spare $50k to throw away on my next toy, this ultra amazing high technology board room table will be at the top of the list. Right behind the new BMW M3, the new Mastercraft Towboat and a few other goodies.

My guess is that there are some real techie engineer guys (or gals) who spent a heck of a lot of time designing this table. I can’t quite understand exactly how they did it and made it look so slick, but then again I am not an engineer. The technology I do understand, and with a push button remote, this is a real “Check this crap out” moment to use to impress clients and friends.

I think the original name is the Fletcher Automated Capstan Table, and the original video is available here:
It looks like they are made over in England and you can find out more at

I’m thinking that these are mostly marketed to the ultra wealthy (like we all hope to be soon). These are made for million dollar yachts, motors etc. I doubt they will sell very many of these to people who live in modular homes. 🙂 Ha. Now the standard seinfeld quote “Not that there is anything wrong with living in a modular home”. 🙂
No copyright infringement intended, I just wanted to show everyone this awesome technologically advanced table. Amazing Table? Yes. Out of my price range? Heck Yeah! Do I want one: Heck yeah! Very sweet table indeed.
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