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CES 2018 Latest News

71days ago

Short Story Dispenser shows print is not dead

Francis Ford Coppola liked the machine so much, he bought one.

Patrick Holland

158days ago

Ovie Smarterware lets Alexa manage your leftovers

This Bluetooth button sticks on your containers and tracks how long until your food expires.

Andrew Gebhart

221days ago

Highly anticipated TCL 6 series Roku TV will ship May 1

The 6 series this TV picks up where one of our favorite 2017 sets left off, with full-array local dimming, Dolby Vision HDR and Roku’s sweet Smart TV system.

David Katzmaier

261days ago

The Lovebox is a better gift than flowers for Valentine’s Day

This small wooden box is a precious way to let people know you love them.

Patrick Holland

267days ago

Watching ‘Altered Carbon’ on Netflix? This was its creepy marketing campaign


267days ago

MPs with apps and CEOs with flamethrowers (CNET UK podcast 535 show notes)

Andrew Hoyle and Katie Collins discuss MPs with apps, Elon Musk’s flamethrower and all of Nintendo’s exciting news.

Andrew Hoyle

268days ago

Moviphone: Is that a projector in your pocket? Why yes it is

No mods needed.

Patrick Holland

268days ago

Want easy-to-set-up gadget security? It’s not going to be cheap

Security executives are pushing out easy cybersecurity solutions for the average person. The hard part will be getting people to pay for it.

Alfred Ng

268days ago

How Intel creates its dazzling drone light shows

After its light-show drones made a big splash at last year’s Super Bowl, the chipmaker decided to create even more of them.

Ben Fox Rubin

269days ago

Enhancia Ring takes your music to 11 with a finger flick

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