Beyond 2000 | S1E14 | 80s Next Generation Video Games


Beyond 2000 – Official Channel
In This Episode:

1:10 “Space Junk Tracking” Jeff Watson reports from Norad in Colarado on the tracking of the growing space junk problem. Contains a vignette into the Australian space industry that never was.
5:09 “Next Generation Video Games” Iain Finlay looks at developments in computer games.
11:37 “Artificial Eyes” Chris Ardell-Guiness demonstrates the use of LCD technology to make more realistic prosthetic eyeballs, and the possibilities of technology to help the blind to see.
14:40 “Neolithic Take-away” Carmel Travers reports from Germany on how science is uncovering the diet of prehistoric man. Turns out it wasn’t brontosaurus burgers after all.
20:45 “Optical Storage” Jeff shows us an optical storage medium that can hold a whole lot of encyclopaedias.
21:48 “Self Navigating Car” Chris Ardell-Guiness travels to Stuttgart Germany and drives a Mercedes that uses the earth’s magnetic fields (and a handy booklet full of codes) to navigate. Navman it ain’t.
27:25 “Tidal Power Station” Jeff travels to Nova Scotia to examine a renewable power station the relies on tidal shifts to generate energy.
34:38 “Giving Anglers the Edge” Chris demonstrates the latest technology for killing fish as a hobby.
36:50 “Jimmy’s Cookies” Carmel travels to New Jersey to see a bakery with only hearing impaired workers.
41:44 “Acrylic Foam Adhesive” Iain and Chris demonstrate a new type of tape from 3M that is super super strong.
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