Beyond 2000 | S1E13 | 80s Computer Phone


Beyond 2000 – Official Channel
In This Episode:

1:05 “Armchair Astronomy” Chris reports from Japan on an amazing $25 million planetarium. BONUS AMAZING PLANETARIUM FACT: The plural of planetarium is planetaria.
7:53 “Digital Whiteboard” Iain Finlay brings us a whiteboard from Japan that can print up to 99 copies of what’s written on it. 99!
12:07 “Dragon Proof Buildings” Jeff Watson reports from Hong Kong on the construction of a new skyscraper, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation building. Steel gleams, concrete pours, capitalism is unstoppable.
18:44 “Synthetic Growth Hormone” Carmel Travers reports from France on the burgeoning field of biotechnology, and how we can look forward to a future without dwarfism.
28:31 “Computerised Check-in” Chris brings us another report from Tokyo on the future of hotels. Basically, the future involves computers taking people’s jobs, and sterile beige rooms with windows that can’t be opened.
35:34 “LCD Arc Welding Visor” Jeff demonstrated some new Swedish technology that can help save the eyes of welders. In the process he cements his reputation as “the funny one”.
37:50 “Tokyo Radio Astronomy” Iain reports from Japan again on a large array radio telescope blah blah blah. (fashion bonus at 38:57 – black skivvy, white pants. An eyepatch would really complete this ensemble.)
44:10 “Computerphone” Carmel shows us a $4000 future doorstop/boat anchor.
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