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Artificial Intelligence In 2018 Mobile Phones Zaberdast Technology
This year’s main smartphone launches promote Artificial Intelligence as a life-changing feature.
AI has been present in mobile phones for a while now, powering voice assistant features like Siri or the Google Assistant,
However, in the previous generation of phones, AI was cloud-based and required an internet connection to be accessed.
What is different about AI on mobile devices is that the new generation of smartphones will combine the cloud-based AI to built-in AI engines on the hardware. This novelty has been announced by tech giants such as Google, Apple and Huawei.
rom what experts have promised, it seems like the difference of having a smartphone to an ‘artificially intelligent’ phone is like the difference of having a pet to a guide dog. While a pet will obey your commands, a guide dog will not only respond to your orders but lead the way and make decisions to what it believes is best for you.
Huawei’s Mate 10, released today, carries the brand’s own Kirin 970 processor. On top of the CPU and GPU, common to processors, Kirin 970 also features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU).
While CPUs and GPUs can make precise calculations, AI units, such as the NPU, work differently.
Like the human brain complex and simultaneous calculations instantly. What it will do, through sparse processing, is recognize images, voices and language and process them like data.

This means that phones like the Mate 10 will be able to make decisions and optimism their performance based on what they have learnt from being used. In-device AI also promises a better integration of the system with hardware such as cameras, microphones and batteries.
This leads the way for a number of unique features and improvements
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