Day: October 23, 2018

Educators: It Pays to Introduce Children to New Technologies

Video: Channel:VOA NewsDuration:3:9Description:Scientists and educators in U.S. and China say it pays to introduce very young children to new technologies – from computer programing to designing electronic circuits. With the right approach, they say, children learn not to be intimidated by abstract thinking. George Putic reports. Originally published at – […]

Waspmote Wifi sensors to connect to the Cloud and iPhone/Android platforms

Video: Channel:LibeliumDuration:6:16Description:The new wifi module for the Waspmote platform completes the current connectivity possibilities – which already covers ZigBee, Bluetooth and GPRS sensors — enabling the direct communication of the sensor nodes with any Wifi router in the market. As well as this, this new radio allows Waspmote to send […]