Day: October 15, 2018

Negative effects of technology on kids

Video: Channel:Taylor Hofstrand BunnDuration:6:38Description:Too much technology can lead to obesity, laziness, failing grades, and unhappy families., effects, of, technology, on, kids, video, games, skyrim, assassins, creed, addiction, obese, obesity, childhood, Borealis, Sig Source

the world of motorcycles goes high technology

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New computer technology

Video: Channel:Sunilfreak vinesDuration:1:13:37Description:Please watch: “Stupid uncle #prank#comedy#funnyjokes” –~– quantum computer, Quantum Computer (Literature Subject), computer, quantum, future, qbit, transistor, module, Computer Science (Field Of Study), Physics, what is, dwave, explained, 2015, documentary, applications, cern, first, google, nasa, logic gates, mit, funny, ted, work, news, chip,tags: Source

Modern Technology in Ancient Times – Documentary Films

Video: Channel:Documentary FilmsDuration:45:4Description:CLICK HERE – – FOR MORE FREE DOCUMENTARIES Modern Technology in Ancient Times – Documentary Films modern technology – then: if modern technology didn’t exist! An Evaluative Study of Modern Technology in Education The modern technology in construction Modern Technology In Computer Science © 2015 Young Scientists […]

new technology and great inventions 2016/2017 every thing is easy now!!!!!

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